Helping Individuals and Families


  • Worried that debt payments are overtaking income and savings
  • Creditor calls and financial stresses threating to breakup family
  • Job loss or under-employment causing household to suffer economically

What We Can Do For You

Kunjar Sharma & Associates (KSAI) offers assistance and education to individuals and family members on good financial management, including:

  • money management and budgeting principles,

  • obtaining and use of consumer credit including credit cards,

  • help with car financing and home mortgage refinancing;

  • establishing financial goals, and

  • assessment of available insolvency options.

Our qualified and registered financial counselors are federally licensed and bring in-depth experience gained from many years of providing assistance to individuals and family members.

In addition to our comprehensive financial management assistance, Kunjar Sharma & Associates (KSAI) specializes in offering Consumer Proposals, providing options to consolidate and reduce your debt into one manageable monthly payment, ensuring a brighter financial future.

A key focus of our services includes addressing the needs of our more vulnerable and high risk populations such as seniors, low income, persons living with a disability and persons with problem gambling behavior or other addictions.

  • Explain what assets are protected and exempt from seizure
  • Consolidate and reduce your debt into one monthly payment
  • Lower your monthly repayment into an amount you can afford
  • Eliminate debt and allow you to prepare a financial plan that meets your long term needs

Possible Solutions

  • Consumer Proposal (where debts are less than $250,000)
  • Division I Proposal for debts > $250,000
  • Consumer Bankruptcy
  • Assistance with equity loans and mortgage refinancing

How to Get Started

If you are worried about how your finances and family will be treated in an insolvency scenario, call for a free no obligation consultation.



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  • Cantonese/ 廣東話
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  • Mandarin / 普通话
  • Nepali / नेपाली
  • Russian / русский
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  • and More!

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The following warning signs may indicate you need the assistance of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee:

  • Calls from collection agents
  • High credit card debt
  • Being turned down for loans
  • Low Credit Score
  • Making only minimum monthly payments
  • Garnishment of paycheque or bank account

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