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Gavin G

Remember when you bought me lunch, and I was considering options for my business and financial situation? I feel that was a turning point for my career and I was able to transition the business, get back into the corporate world, and accelerate my career at a speed I could never have imagined back then. So thank you, for your help and support – you played a vital part in my reinvention. Thank you!

Samuel W

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me sort out my debt situation. Since first meeting with you back in June, you have guided me through the trustee situation and helped me back on my road to credit recovery. You have been nothing but kind, informative and supportive of my situation. I now feel so relieved that everything is under control now.
I also want to thank all the courteous staff at Kunjar Sharma and Associates too. You have all made this a most pleasant experience! I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is in need – this was a 5 star experience!

Asad R

Thanks for all your help with my consumer proposal. Your explained my options very clearly in a non-judgmental way and helped guide me through the process very professionally. I really feel you and your staff have helped me have a new fresh start.

George K

When I was bankrupt and had no one to turn to, with all my creditors breathing down my neck, Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. stepped up for me and helped represent me in every facet of my bankruptcy process. They helped prepare my Consumer Proposal and submitted them to the respective creditors. They even gave me some financial counselling sessions that are still proving to be helpful today.
Best of all, they got my creditors off my back which allowed me the peace of mind to work out my financial situation. I cannot thank them enough! Thank you Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc.!

Google Reviews

weng medina
weng medina
I am so greatful and thankful for Amit and Kunjar Sharma and Associates Inc. Amit showed me that there is a way to move forward and through financial difficulties. Highly recommend to everyone whose having hard time with their debts.
உங்கள் திலீப் Thileep
உங்கள் திலீப் Thileep
Thank you Kunjar Sharma and Associates inc for your good help on my financial challenges. Amit Upadhyay was very courteous and helpful. Once again I ask you all if you need any financial help, please contact Kunjar Sharma and Associates Inc and talk to Amit Upadhyay.
Very professional and friendly.. Amit really helped me all the way.. Highly recommend to everyone
Barry Benjamin
Barry Benjamin
Thank you Amit Upadhyay at KSAI for your help to understand about my situation and help me with respect.
Nicardo Francis
Nicardo Francis
Amit is amazing at kunjar sharma & associste...when i went to the solvency for a financial guidance he laid out the cards perfectly for me to understand my dire financial embattlement and today my credit is in good standing🙏🙏
Monirul Sajib
Monirul Sajib
They genuinely care about their clients. Very professional. Excellent customer service. Special thanks to Amit for his positive, professional attitude and caring client service. I'd highly recommend.
Nat Tomassi
Nat Tomassi
I was so fortunate to have Amit the professional advisor ,he worked hard and fast to set me debt free. need to be debt free find Amit and start the process. .Finally I can breath and have money in my pocket again. Thanks to Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. Dolly.
Nelson Soares
Nelson Soares
Amit went above and beyond and was extremely compassionate and non judgmental. Always made me feel comfortable and explained my situation in detail and always made sure I knew what was going on. He always returned my phone calls, emails and seen me on a weekend. Definitely recommend these people to help turn your life around.
yeganeh amoozandeh
yeganeh amoozandeh
I was very nervous at first but the staff were unbelievably friendly and helped me go through the whole process with no stress added. I am very grateful and satisfied with the experience I had with this office.
Marcela Aguilar
Marcela Aguilar
I totally recommend this company, we did have a financial problem, we reached several companies to resolve it, but definitely Kunjar Sharma & Associates made us feel comfortable from beginning to end. Perfect follow up Roma, Chala and Amit provided us with knowledge, answering all the questions we had. They understood our needs, worked towards that and helped us to resolve our situation in less than a week. Like I said I totally recommend this company, great service, perfect follow up and they resolve very fast!


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The following warning signs may indicate you need the assistance of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee:

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  • Garnishment of paycheque or bank account

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