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As an essential service Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. remains open and here for you during this COVID-19 emergency. We understand that there is a pandemic happening – that is why Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. is taking extra precautions to ensure the protection of our employees and people who need our services. Appointments can conveniently be arranged either by telephone, video call or in-person at our offices. Forms and documents can also be arranged to be received or issued for signing remotely electronically. Your well being and safety is our primary concern. Contact us today.

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Team of licensed insolvency trustees providing expertise, guidance and, solvency solutions to businesses and individuals for over 40 years


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Debt Relief Services Provided by Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Consumer Proposal In Toronto

Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal gives a debtor or a bankrupt an opportunity to make a settlement with his/her creditors while avoiding bankruptcy.

Personal Bankruptcy Service In Toronto

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides immediate financial relief to individuals and busines owners with financial problems by stopping legal actions by creditors.

credit counselling services In toronto

Credit Counselling

Our qualified and registered financial counselors are federally licensed and bring in-depth experience to individuals and family members.

Corporation Proposal In Toronto Kunjar Sharma

Corporate Proposal

Our consulting advisory service is suited for the independent business owner, financial institution lender or private debt and equity provider.


Here to help individuals, families and business owners to manage their financial challenges since 1978.

Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc. (KSAI) is a Consumer Proposal Administrator and Licensed Insolvency Trustee Firm in Toronto. Our focus is on helping those individuals, families and business owners that need assistance in restructuring their finances or require the services of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

As the “Go to” firm for individuals and small-businesses, our 40+ years of experience, obtained while filing more than 4,000 proposals, enables us to offer in-depth knowledge and professionalism in addressing all aspects of your financial challenges.

Corporate and Business Solutions

KSAI Restructuring (division of Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc.) carefully evaluates and acknowledges your business concerns.  Our approach to each situation is structured to provide for an innovative outcome and creative financial solution.

Communication with stakeholders is emphasized to achieve results that are appropriate and fair under the circumstances.

Examples of where we can help:

  • Closing/shutting-down an unprofitable business
  • Addressing government sales and payroll tax remittance arrears, income tax reassessments, and payroll and bank account garnishments
  • Resolving legal actions and landlord issues
  • Mediating shareholder disputes
  • Recovering secured creditor debt

Our experienced and capable Licensed Insolvency Trustees can play a critical role in achieving a workable strategy to resolve business concerns.

Business Solutions include:

  • Corporate Proposals that provide for reduction in debt and extended payment plans without interest or penalties. Proposals can address potential director liabilities to eliminate the impact on personal finances and credit rating.
  • Corporate Bankruptcies to close or shutdown a business – represents an efficient and organized process for responding to creditors where there are insufficient assets to repay debt in full.
  • Receiverships – private appointments by secured creditors or through the Court to realize on debtor assets and distribute proceeds.
  • Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”) – provides for restructurings of corporations in situations where there is more than $5 million in debt.

Contact us today to start the process.  Meetings can be held by telephone or video conference.  In-person meetings can be scheduled as required.

Kunjar Sharma Licensed_Insolvency Trustee Toronto
Corporate and Business Solutions


Multilingual Debt Solutions


Licensed Insolvency Trustee who speaks your language:

– Cantonese/ 廣東話                – Hindi / हिंदी
– Korean / 한국어                      – Mandarin / 普通话
– Nepali / नेपाली                        – Russian / русский
– Tamil / தமிழ்                          – and More!

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Self Employed Insolvency

Self Employed

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Credit Cards

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We offer a thorough situational analysis and deploy a cost-effective, creative and timely solution for achieving successful outcomes. Our team’s diverse cultural backgrounds bring a heightened sensitivity and understanding of specific cultural values to client issues thus providing for a greater level of personal attention and tailored solutions.